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Woodward DNA Genealogy

Updated June 25, 2020

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This site includes Woodward DNA charts, stories, and pedigrees.

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Woodward/Woodard DNA Chart

Woodward Pedigrees

Unassigned R1b Results

ames Woodward settled and married Mary Walker in 1728 in Hanborough, Oxfordshire, England. Hanborough is a village located within a few miles of the Blenheim Palace. Most of James' many descendents remained in Hanborough until the late 1800s. However, those descendents of James who have taken a serious interest in their genealogies, have failed so far to pinpoint his origins. Blenheim Palace was constructed in the early 1700s following the granting of the Royal Manor of Woodstock by Queen Anne to the Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill--from whom Winston descended, following the Duke's success over the French-led forces in 1704 near the small village of Blenheim on the Danube. Construction of the Palace was completed in 1722. James Woodward was probably drawn into the area to help in the development or upkeep of the Palace and its gardens--he lived in a cottage that was owned by the estate. Searching the archives of the Palace to unearth possible information on James is planned. Meanwhile, exploration of genetic information is seen as an alternate line of research--the intent being to identify genetic connections to other Woodward family groups whose origins are English, and so identify possible origins for our James. Source: Christopher J. Woodward.

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