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Winkler Y-DNA Genealogy

Updated June 9, 2020

Contact webmaster: Rosemary at mcnerneywinkler dot com

he Winkler Y-DNA Genealogy project is hosted by Family Tree DNA. It was started because many Winkler researchers and genealogists came up against the same "brick wall" in which no one could determine the relationship, if any, between the three Wincklers arriving in the Colonies at the port of Philadelphia in 1753 on the ship Neptune, or whether they were from Germany or Switzerland. The three men were Conradt, Hans Jacob, and Hans Domas (Thomas) Winckler. Then Ludwig (Lewis) and Henry Winkler arrived on the ship Edinburgh from Rotterdam at the port of Philadelphia in 1754. Lawrence Winkler lived near the others by 1800 in Burke County, North Carolina. Were they related? STAY TUNED! With enough participants, the Winkler Y-DNA Genelaogy holds great promise to solve these long-standing mysteries.

Project administrators Rosemary and William are volunteers and receive no financial remuneration of any kind from FamilyTreeDNA. Rosemary says, "Genealogy is our hobby." Find stories, pedigrees, and much more on this site. The role of administrator for a DNA project is a fascinating challenge. Each is a volunteer who prepares and maintains the website, recruits and works with new members, and offers assistance to participants keeping costs down. Contact Rosemary at mcnerneywinkler dot com or William, wcwarch at att dot net, with questions about Winklers or Y-DNA for genealogy-friendly answers and for participant contact information. See the Winkler Y-DNA Chart below.

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Winkler Y-DNA Chart

Winkler Pedigrees

he following families represent DNA matching descendants of the Winkler Neptune passengers.

Kit 65195

Kit 194041

Kit 483945

Kit 71408

Kit 85602

Kit 87291

Kit 7864

Kit 569429

Kit 87223

Kit N9572

Kit 199334

nown descendants of passengers of the the Edinburgh are shown in the lineages below.

Kit 85147

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