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Long DNA Surname Project

Updated August 1, 2015

Contact webmaster: Rosemary at mcnerneywinkler dot com

amily Tree DNA hosts a Long project. Most of the numerous participants are of English and German Palatine origin and a few are Irish Catholics. The project is greatly enhanced because there are now matching Irish Longs, and we actively work to make connections and eventually publish our Irish Long stories.* Look at the Long DNA project participants and find James Joseph Long, Number 48, then see the DNA chart where Irish Longs make up Group Q. Contact Rosemary at mcnerneywinkler dot com with questions about Longs or DNA for genealogy-friendly answers. Join this exciting project.

* ANNOUNCEMENT! Rosemary completed and published an Irish Catholic Long genealogy that includes a history-in-a-nutshell of Ireland and an explanation about how DNA made it possible. It is available for a nominal fee to help cover printing and shipping costs. Contact Rosemary to learn more.