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Woodward DNA Genealogy

Updated June 11, 2020

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This site includes Woodward DNA charts, stories, and pedigrees.

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Woodward/Woodard DNA Chart

Woodward Pedigrees

New England Group III

enry Woodward emigrated from England on the James to New England in the 1630s in company with Reverend Richard Mather who called him "physician". Henry settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts, before moving to Northampton, Massachusetts, in about 1660 where he and his son John took the oath of allegiance on or before February 8, 1678. He built a grist mill and was struck by lightening there on April 7, 1685. After the death of his father, John moved his family to Westfield, Massachusetts, and later to Lebanon, Connecticut, where he and his wife Anna are buried. Elezear's sons Eleazer Jr. and Oliver eventually moved to Maine Sources: Robert C. Woodward and Jo Woodward.

Kit 141993

Kit 62230

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