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Woodward DNA Genealogy

Updated June 11, 2020

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This site includes Woodward DNA charts, stories, and pedigrees.

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Woodward/Woodard DNA Chart

Woodward Pedigrees

Mid-Atlantic Group

homas "The Regulator" fought with George Washington in the French and Indian Wars, and died of wounds received in the American Revolution. He was part of a group of small planters and leading men in Charleston, South Carolina, who, out of desperation without courts or law enforcement in the back country, organized a Regulation. Many joined the movement to rid the country of the lawless. The Regulators were activated by Thomas Woodward, Barnaby Pope, and Edward McGraw between the Broad and Catawba Rivers. Alfred and his brother Lewis and sister Sarah "Sallie" Ann were children of General Thomas S. Woodward and Mary, his mixed-blood Choctaw Indian Slave. Sallie Ann was named for Thomas' wife, Sarah "Sallie" Ann Dubose. He fought in the War of 1812 and Creek Indian Wars of 1813-14, and was escort to French General Lafayette on his triumphant 1824 return to the country he helped save during the Revolutionary War. General Thomas S. Woodward, Southern slaveholder and Unionist who believed in the preservation of the country, died before the American Civil War. His letters and memoirs were published shortly after his death, and Don C. Marler recently added his findings and reissued the book as General Thomas S. Woodward and Woodward's Reminiscences. Alfred and Hulda Carter had a slave wedding prior to 1859 and were "officially" married after emancipation. Thomas, born in 1874, changed the name to Woodard due to Post-reconstruction social pressures in the South. Source: Tommie Marsters

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